Beneficiary Designation Disputes After Divorce

An Insurance Expert Witness May Help Understand Options The divorce rate in the U.S. is about 50 percent, which means that about half of all marriages will end up in divorce at some point. The average number of years after vows are exchanged until divorce is 7.5 years. Divorce can be simple or complicated depending […]

2019 Legislative Actions on Insurance in Florida

Important New Laws Take Effect July 1st and Affect Everyone After much debate, the Florida Legislature made substantial changes and additions to insurance laws during the first half of 2019. Assignment of Benefits.  Assignment of Benefits is an area that has been in the news lately following the damage done last year by Hurricane Michael […]

Understanding Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

AD&D Can be an Important Element in Your Overall Coverage Life insurance is a low-cost and very effective means to protect loved ones and to save for the future, and the intent at time of purchase is to live a long life. No one plans to be injured in an accident or to die at […]

Florida Hurricane Insurance Claim Resolution

With Hurricane Michael now history, at least from the storm standpoint, the inevitable clean up continues as does the claim process.  Many and probably most of the claims will be resolved without litigation – though some will in fact result in litigation.  The Florida Legislature (where I served for the last eight years) has put […]