Beneficiary Designation Disputes After Divorce

An Insurance Expert Witness May Help Understand Options The divorce rate in the U.S. is about 50 percent, which means that about half of all marriages will end up in divorce at some point. The average number of years after vows are exchanged until divorce is 7.5 years. Divorce can be simple or complicated depending […]

Florida Hurricane Insurance Claim Resolution

With Hurricane Michael now history, at least from the storm standpoint, the inevitable clean up continues as does the claim process.  Many and probably most of the claims will be resolved without litigation – though some will in fact result in litigation.  The Florida Legislature (where I served for the last eight years) has put […]

How a Managing General Agent Business Model Works

An independent insurance agent has many reasons to work with a managing general agent, or MGA. From the requirement of expertise to the availability of a particular product or the competitive price, MGAs provide a variety of services and competitive advantages to independent agents. In fact, Insurance Journal argues there are at least 50 possible reasons for […]

Homeowners Versus Flood Insurance Policies

As the 2017 hurricane season gains strength following Hurricane Harvey in Texas, residential and commercial property owners along the Gulf of Mexico and in other coastal or low-lying regions across the country are likely to be double checking their insurance coverage. Damage caused by flooding is not typically covered by homeowners and renters insurance policies. […]

Soot, Smoke and Ash Insurance Claims Increase During Wildfire Season

With wildfire season here, smoke and ash claims can arise under an insured’s homeowners and commercial property policies. For fires that occur close to a property, soot claims can arise as well. Wildfires and the associated risks remain a national concern. In April, a state of emergency was declared in Florida as over 100 active […]