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With Hurricane Michael now history, at least from the storm standpoint, the inevitable clean up continues as does the claim process.  Many and probably most of the claims will be resolved without litigation – though some will in fact result in litigation.  The Florida Legislature (where I served for the last eight years) has put in place good and sufficient legislation to assure that the claim process can be carefully evaluated to assure fairness for all participants, including both insureds/claimants and insurers.

Florida has enacted the Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act, requiring fairness in claim handling; Florida has also put in place both first and third party bad faith, permitting challenge to the adjusting insurer where its claims handling has been unacceptable. In between are a myriad of statutory and regulatory provisions available to make sure claim settlements of all sorts, including those emanating from Hurricane Michael, are handled promptly and fairly.

Hurricane Insurance Claim Resolution

Florida Hurricane Insurance Claim Resolution

As an expert witness in such matters, including my background as a Commissioner of Insurance (former, Iowa), Legislator, Reinsurance Arbitrator and former CEO of a Florida based major property casualty insurance organization, I am available to serve as expert witness as to claim handling in appropriate cases.

Hurricane Insurance Claim Resolution