Issue: The reasonableness and adherence to insurance industry standards of practice of particular actions or inaction’s taken by an insurance company periodically becomes an issue in litigation. Examples include a delay or refusal to pay claims, the timing of policy issuance, etc.

Overall. Mr. Hager has pervasive and extensive experience as to the appropriateness of insurance company actions as measured against industry standards of practice/custom and practice, having intensely participated on both sides of insurance company decision-making for over 25 years.

Specific Expert Testimony as to What Constitutes Standard Insurance Industry Practices. 

  • Articulation of applicable standard of practice/ custom and practice;
  • Determination of whether specific insurance company action complied with industry standards of practice; and
  • Concluding that the particular insurance company action taken did (or did not) comply with applicable standards of practice.
  • Insurance Standards of Practice Expert Witness

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