Insurance Claims and Lawsuits Involving Mold Are Particularly Complex – Mold Insurance Expert Witness

When a tornado or hurricane strikes a community , it’s fairly obvious to ascertain how and when damage occurred to property in the path of the storm.

Fire, theft, and floods are also causes of damage that can be easily observed, traced to a source, and are covered consistent with the related policy coverage language.

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Mold, however, is a different issue. It is often difficult to ascertain the cause of mold and how or when it originated. Many homeowners policies cover mold damage if it was caused by a “covered peril.” Absent additional coverage language, a homeowner’s policy may not cover damage caused by mold. If the mold was caused, for example, by a preventable water leak or high humidity – an issue will be raised in adjusting the claim as to coverage.

Sometimes in new construction mold can actually enter a home in the form of defective or tainted building materials such as drywall. Mold can accumulate in air ducts and cause not only damage to materials but damage to people.

Toxic Mold

The term “toxic mold” entered the legal arena when large numbers of people sickened by mold – began suing to recover damages for their illnesses.

One of the most well-known cases of toxic mold involved the Broward County Courthouse which was eventually demolished for reasons that included the presence mold that purportedly made many people very ill.

When a homeowner or commercial property owner becomes aware of the presence of mold, it is very important to document the extent of the damage and to take immediate steps to control it.

A complex mold situation within an insurance claim will probably require expert analysis

Mold Insurance Expert Witness

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